Post-Brisbane Syndrome

30 06 2008

i think it speaks for itself.





8 responses

30 06 2008

HAHAHA!is that you when you’re young?HAHAHA!

30 06 2008
Nila <– hey this is my new url! 😉 Take care kaY? 😛

1 07 2008

haha. so cute.
but some how your baby pictures is way cuter then then the primary sch pictures i have of you. muahaha
anyway, relink me aite.

1 07 2008

Shir-Yes it’s me.
Nila-Okay Ill relink you.
Midget-You got see my baby pix before meh? I dont remember.

2 07 2008

macam dejavu tak?

2 07 2008

Did it shit at u like how it did during the time we took dear? hehehe good job in growing up. =p

2 07 2008

Ida- Dont remember if it shat. Too young…
Hajs- Like totally.

2 07 2008

okay, it shows that you haven’t change much appearance wise, just that you’ve grown taller, and wears specs now.HAHAHA!oh, not forgetting, tanner. (;

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