Access Denied

18 04 2007

Day: 17th April 2006

Scene: At home, in a dark room where only the table lamp lits the room. A boy was using his laptop to chat mindlessly using a popular chatting device called MSN Messenger.

*could not paste the conversation here*

Apparently, his friend was teasing him over his dumbness. Therefore to retaliate the boy cursed his friend that his phone will die a horrible death.


Upon reaching the school’s canteen, the boy saw his friend,that he chatted with last night, in distress. He asked what happened and apparently his friend left his handphone on the bus!!! The curse worked, he thought.

The boy was in shock. His curse really did work. He realised he had magical powers. But he thought his magical powers need to be put to good use. Instantly, a familiar phrase came to his mind.

“With great power comes great responsibility”


PS; my friend did really lose his phone. gosp. i feel damn guilty.




2 responses

19 04 2007

O.o u are the guy with superpowers? hahax.. wun anger u next time.. =x

19 04 2007

NG YIN WHEE + NOOR HENDRA SHAHRIL BIN SUPA’AT. please be good boys and girls. and stay with ake ok? (: YOU GUYS WILL RECEIVE A LOT A LOT A LOT OF LOVE FROM ME. i promise. (: hehs! =p

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